All Just Passing Through- Revised

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

All Just Passing Through

We’re all just passing through

this realm of joy and pain,

Souls on a great Adventure,

Life’s experience to gain.

Some seek comforts in safe havens,

others seek danger to feel alive.

Some feast on their desires,

others struggle to survive.

Divine creations, we evolve

by thought and deed and consequence,

paths well worn or those less travelled.

Attitude rules Circumstance.

Some are challenged by misfortune,

loss of all that’s valued here,

stripped of everything but Spirit,

Love expressed in those held dear.

We weep our own and others’ losses,

seeking answers as we pray.

None can judge the Soul’s Agenda

as we journey on our way.

We’re all just passing through.

A Unity Diverse…

We’re Life in many forms

throughout the Universe.

Here for a little while,

we travel in and out of Time

exploring Life Itself,

the mundane and sublime.

Our Lives are wondrous Journeys.

We challenge ourselves to grow,

exploring all conditions

through which we come and go.

Nothing here is forever.

We must leave it all behind.

Back to Source all beings go,

beyond the limits of Mind.

(May 14, 2008 and October 26, 2018

Revised May 24, 2021- October 6, 2021

Shelley Wilson

flowers on our table




Hope leads us gently into the Light

when all feels lost and dark as night.

Hope comforts us along the way

as fears release and drop away.

Hope frees from hells that we create,

mistaken beliefs about God and Fate.

Hope guides us to the Spirit of Love

shining brightly here and ‘above’.

(July 13, 2021- Revised October 19, 2021

Shelley Wilson)

flowers and leaves on our table

Be Kind Be Love Be Wise

Poetry In A New Paradigm:

Be Kind. Be Love. Be Wise.

Love is the Highest Wisdom.

Every Species has known Adversity.

Every Species has Its Story.

Divisions, Not Differences, weaken.

Freedom and Unity lead to glory.

The Web of Life strengthens through Diversity.

Experience helps Wisdom to grow.

The Origin of Everything is Prime Source.

Everything comes from this Oneness

and to this Oneness All Return.

Sooner or later All Do Return.

All That Is is The All That Is.

Every Species is Wondrous and Divine.

All Life is Wondrous and Divine.

(August 21, 2021

Shelley Wilson)

flowers and leaves on our table

Feeling These Colours- A Weaving

This is another weaving I created this past September. I took photos while it was still on the weaving boards. Hand-weaving on the flat surface of our table takes its toll on my back and neck so I propped it up against my large camera tripod. (Hoping Santa will bring me a sturdy table easel this year…) The inspiration came with a desire to interpret my current feelings through colour choices from my yarn collection. As ever, there was no actual plan in my head for making this. It just gradually ‘happened’. The wired word ‘Poet‘ was something I made before. I preferred to do ‘Poetry’ but didn’t have sufficient wire. I also had some fun beading from my ‘treasure chest’ of beads and ‘whatnots’. My small collection of metallic threads is smaller now too. I love the freedoms of spontaneity, choices of materials, processes and techniques. And the fun of it all.




May my humble verse become like diamonds of starlight

seen adorning leaves of trees on those clear nights

when they join the sways of dance with wind and breeze.

May my flowing thoughts turn into diamonds of raindrops

bejewelling the robes of leaves in morning light

as they wave to unseen spirits of wind and breeze.

May my art form into such hidden treasures

as to be found by a Future with Higher Values

than Today’s trending status and monetary measures.

May my poetry find a more peaceful World

where Life Itself is Respected as Highest Value,

where Good Will is the Standard of Flags unfurled,

where Diversity in Unity is Truly Valued too

as Awareness, Intelligence and Kindness increase.

May my poems rest freely in such Peace.

(September 29, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

This is the last entry for my book Heart-Mined begun for family and friends in the early 1970s. I was born in 1950 in a gold mining town in Northern Ontario. Thus, the title inspired long ago. My Wishes are ambitious although I am not. I prefer Big Dreams to little ones.

The End Is The Beginning

I’ve written a few poems through this summer and fall. One is for my many years collection of poetry, stories and random thoughts to be in a book I called Heart Mined started back in the early 1970s. I call the last entry Wishes. This poem The End Is The Beginning is for a new book I’ve titled A New Paradigm. I also started writing a book called Sunlight Through Raindrops. My only ambition was to gift them to family and friends then 11 years ago I started sharing my writing on WordPress as well. Now and then I take a few months or weeks off from posting but the ebb and flow of writing continues on. I’m also keeping busy with my hand-weaving and other projects which I share from time to time. Thanks for taking your valuable time to view and read my posts.

Passion Crowned

Passion Crowned

Compassion is Passion

Crowned with pure Love and Light,

Wisdom’s Sceptre, Crown Jewels

of simple, selfless acts,

Heaven’s joy and delight.

Compassion is the Glory of God

shining through our Humanity,

glimpses of that Great Majesty,

self-mastery, self-respect and dignity,

leadership by example.

Echoed in Symbols of Royalty,

that inner wealth and power

expresses in outward Signs-

helpfulness, kindness, sharing,

respect, tolerance and caring

for Life in all of one’s Nation,

for Life in all of Creation,

for Life, the Glory of God.

July 27, 2021- Shelley Wilson

What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?

Climate Change…

What does it mean?

So much more

but fires and floods

and less to eat,

Consumption Change,

less fossil fuels,

less land for meat,

more hydroponics

as some saw long before,

many a Challenge to meet,

seeking Healthy Solutions,

Spiritual Change

or Resource War,

every Decision a Statement

of who we all are.

July 25, 2021- Shelley Wilson

You Are The Gift

You Are The Gift

You are the gift you give to others-

fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,

family and friends, lovers and strangers all.

From the moment of your birth

on this beautiful, holy planet Earth,

you are the precious gift you bring.

Your gift may be ignored, abused,

hated, despised and cursed by any

or lovingly embraced, celebrated,

welcomed, adored and blessed by many.

Yet your true worth has no less value

despite what you or others see

when looking at Life’s wondrous gifts.

You are Life’s miracle and treasured wealth,

the gift of God as Life Itself.

July 24, 2021- Shelley Wilson

Not Of This World

Not Of This World

We are not of this World.

Whether born of blue and white ‘Mary’-

‘Gaia’- our ‘Holy Mother Earth’, or beyond,

we are not from here.

Some of us are ‘worldly’, some are not.

All beings from ‘the heavens’

of multi-layered dimensions,

that Cosmic Sea of black and white-

our ‘Holy Father Space’ we see,

including us and every thing around,

come from Prime Source, the Essence

of all Light and Life called ‘Heaven’.

Even Angels ascending, descending

celestial sky ladders of Spaceships,

Spaceships hidden out of sight

or seeming as a Holy Star at night,

or Pillar of light, or Cloud by day,

even they evolve and co-create.

We are the Trees of their Fields,

the Flowers and Fruit of their Gardens,

the Books of their Living Library,

the Genetic Experiments of their Sciences,

the Vehicles of their Sacred Co-creation.

Every Atom is Sacred Creation,

Life’s Consciousness, Intelligence,

Process and Manifestation…

Within and beyond dense physicality,

Life exceeds our present definitions.

There are understandings far beyond

our comprehensions and perceptions

of the Great Unity and Diversity of Life,

of Spirit Itself, the Creator within Creation,

every part wondrous to behold.

July 22, 2021- Shelley Wilson



You aren’t who you think you are.

You ride this Holy Orb through Space

immersed in Culture, Gender, Race

but you are so much more than this.

You are Life Itself and Heaven’s Bliss.

You have forgotten who you are.

Like an Actor caught up in a Role,

you are Spirit expressing as a Soul,

an Individualized Part of the Whole.

Even if your Ego Mind denies,

you are Life that never dies.

You co-create Stories and Realities,

and in this Universe of Dualities

you create your Soul Signatures and Frequencies.

You experience Effect and Cause

of Consequence, those Universal Laws

that thread and string and weave

throughout the Ever-Changing Whole

for the Spiritual Agenda of your Soul.

Though you create Hells, Heaven awaits.

God’s Grace had neither walls nor gates.

From that Source Light you come and go.

You are more Wondrous than you know,

more Wondrous than you dare believe.

You aren’t who you think you are.

July 20, 2021- Shelley Wilson