Two Questions

Two Questions

evolutions and revolutions

all political systems

and all religions too

one elite after another


the special ones

the chosen ones

the strong ones

the smart ones

the talkers

the takers

the rule makers

superior individuals

superior races

divine favourites

justified oppressions

as humanity begs

or fights for the crumbs

power and wealth for the few

Is this truly what Life’s Spirit

would choose for us?

Is this truly the best

humanity can be and do?


(Shelley Wilson- June 18, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Baby Shoe.

How many steps have I taken since I fit in this baby shoe? How many times have I fallen and ‘started again’ as I grew? Even now I feel the Wonder that fills this old baby shoe, encouraging me ever onward in all I think and say and do.

Complicated Relationship: Tree Hugger and Forest Friend, yes, also Lover of Art and Writing Paper, Wood Furniture/Sculptures/Houses and Campfires. Here I am loving and talking to a wise old Tree. We Humans have a complicated relationship with Trees.


Let your Imagination run wild and free. Now look inside. What do you see?