Grandma’s Tales

Colourful pioneers,

crazed prospectors and

old pot-bellied stoves…

I’d laugh myself

right off my chairs

when Grandma told

her Gold Camp tales…

Even as a child I saw

that golden wit and humour

flowed rich and deep

through her ancient veins.

This humour kept her strong.

You’d think she’d had no cares…

Those tales are lost now

like an old gold mine-

lost deep, deep within

memories buried

of another time

somewhere in my mind.

I didn’t write them down.

(a poem about Dorothy Thicke

and the Kirkland Lake Gold Camp)

(July 5, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Cultural Appropriation

Structures and Styles,

Systems and Sciences

and all the Arts once known-

Cultures have ever borrowed

and made them part of their own-

recreated them as their own.

We’re inspired to express diversity

but when all is said and done

the many are part of the one-

Human Consciousness- diverse yet one.

(July 3, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

I Have Been ‘Beesy‘

For the past few days I’ve been creating some new jewellery for myself out of my old treasures. I’ve been quite busy with my latest spontaneously unplanned projects. (I admit that it’s been a fun distraction from a pile of sewing and mending that just keeps growing. )

Yesterday I had visits from three bees who flew in to see what I was up to. They arrived one at a time and I cheerily escorted them back outside one at a time. The second one had wanted to take up residence under the cushion of the chair I was sitting on. I finally convinced it that this was no place for a bee.

Today another bee flew in the window and watched what I was up to before it flew out the patio door as I continued creating more jewellery.

These kind of things have been happening all my life so I simply enjoy the experiences with gratitude and wonder.

(June 25, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

A Story of Religions

We have long revered, idolized and worshipped the ‘People of the Stars’ who brought their many Religions to this Living Library Planet. Many different Ancient Aliens- Alien ‘Angel’ Messengers recreated their diverse Belief Systems here. They created the gods of Egypt, India, Persia, Greece, Rome, Central America and elsewhere. They created Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other Power Structures of Religion. It was also Ancient Aliens who created the worship of Baal, Moloch, Satan, Kali and a global pantheon of death cult gods. They even inspired the creation of ‘Hollywood Stars’ worshipped by believers and atheists alike. There is a constant stream of reinventions of Ancient Beliefs brought here to this Living Library Planet by this diversity of Ancient Aliens- the ‘People of the Stars’.

(June 24, 2020- Shelley A. Wilson)