Mother and Child

Mother and Child

My Mother was my kind and loving Friend

and I, her welcomed, prayed for Godsend.

Every Soul chooses parents and perfect conditions

for advancing its Spiritual Evolution

whether love, indifference or hostility

greets its birth on our planet, Earth.

Every Baby understands the language of touch.

It knows how much it’s cared for

when it feeds, when its needs are met,

or not, yet ever reaches out for Love,

the feelings and frequencies of Love,

the divine presence and comfort of Love.

(May 8, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Barbaric Practices

When will we leap in our evolution?

When will we finally be free

of ancient, barbaric practices

throughout the suffering history

of our species, our evolving humanity.

We are the most savage, most brutal of animals

in our human sacrifices called war.

We weaponize modern technologies

and practice barbarism as long before,

claiming commands of an Ancient God we adore

or the right of the people in power.

We ritualize barbaric, ancient practices-

child brides, child rapes, child slavery-

circumcision- male and female genital surgery-

a rite demanded by a primitive god

claiming to be a Holy, Loving God.

We’ve pierced our skin with heavy weights,

stretched our necks, our skulls, our ears-

tortured our bodies in so many ways.

Some still do, as before in ancient days.

Some torture and kill without conscience,

justifying as Religion, Politics, Science,

horrors, punishments, experiments

on humans and all living things.

When will we leap in our evolution?

When will we finally be free?

(May 7, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

What Power Do You Serve

Why do you seek to control the Weather,

make Nature your personal slave,

dominate and control all others,

even sending some to their grave.

What profit is in your power

when Humanity is your slave.

Do you feast on submissive suffering

into and beyond your grave.

Has your Wealth become a Weapon

by which you are enslaved.

The Body you thought was you

is now your living grave.

You feed the forces of Fear

that gather to enslave,

to kill the Love of Life

here and beyond the grave.

May we see you with Compassion.

May Love’s Power be our guide.

May we create Heaven on Earth

where Freedom’s Peace may abide.

(May 2, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


Divine Fashions

It matters not what skin we’re in,

what colour, shape or size-

short or tall, fat or thin-

whatever Body we’re dressed in…

It matters not what race or gender,

cultural identity, family, history,

beliefs, accomplishments,

preferences, judgments of the Mind-

theirs or yours or mine…

We’re all Miracles of The Divine.

We’re all Life’s Creations

revealing Intelligent Design.

Through our birth of Life on Earth,

Life manifests as Matter-

Magnificent and Marvellous Matter.

Life In-Forms Itself through time.

Evolution, Life’s Great Process,

Fabulous and Sublime,

evolves many Diverse Fashions

as Forms Wondrous and Divine.

Some deny Life as the Creator-

God as Life Itself-

Life’s Presence in Everyone

ever declaring ‘We Are One’.

Some denigrate, devalue and deny Mankind

its very Body of Being-

till Understanding evolves to find

all God’s Fashions are Divine.

Every Body is Divine.

Every Atom is Divine.

(April 30, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Life and Death

Mind, Body and Soul

can often disagree.

Mind and Body struggle to stay

but Soul has final say.

It serves the Soul’s Agenda-

a way to set Soul free,

though Mind and Body disagree.

It also serves the Soul’s Agenda

when Mind and Body survive,

grateful to be alive,

expressing Life their way.

When Mind, Body and Soul aline,

they are in harmony,

they do not disagree,

then One can clearly see

Life’s wonder and design

simply Perfect and Divine.

(April 30, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Clear To Me


is napping and waking refreshed,

dressed as you were before.

Everything happens in The Ever Now-

Your future fashions, Your costumes of yore.


is selecting a suitable outfit

and changing into Your new clothes.


is a sleep and dreamed illusion

Your Soul uses. Your Spirit knows.


is waking up and staying awake.

Mind and body are Your robes.

You choose the materials and colours,

whatever works, anything goes.


is just a dreamed up delusion-

a fearful creation of the past-

a mental construct of separation

till You see through it at last.

Your Spirit dresses with intention,

then casts off its forms when done.

Knowing Your Self through Experience,

LIFE lives through Everyone.

You can choose to stay at Home-

Heaven’s Bliss and Eternal Rest-

or journey through realms and worlds,

ever and always, Divinely Blessed.

You may decide to disagree

but it’s perfectly clear to me.

(April 28, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Personal Shortcomings

I don’t do ‘Humility’ well.

Though I have often tried,

I see most of my actions

reflecting back as humble pride.

I don’t do ‘Thieving’ well.

Once as a little child, I tried.

Caught with trinkets in a store,

my friends laughed when I cried.

I don’t do ‘Lying’ well.

As a ‘Flower Child’ I tried.

Cheating boyfriends caught me cheating.

My face betrayed me when I lied.

I don’t do ‘Marrying’ well,

though a faithful wife, I tried.

Our bed was hot and cold-

three-quarters was ‘my side’.

I don’t do ‘Suffering’ well

in any form when tried.

My ‘Persecution Complex’

is something that I hide.

I have no fear of dying

but ‘Public Speaking’ I have tried

releases past life memories-

rights and freedoms- life denied.

I have many ‘Shortcomings’,

more than those confessed,

but I am ever in God’s Grace.

Despite all, I am Blessed.

(April 27, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

I Tread Strange Territories

I tread strange territories

taking my intuitive compass

of subtle feelings that gently guide.

Familiar comforts are but memories-

beliefs and meanings left behind.

Some terrain is treacherous-

deceiving shadows where dangers hide

in ways that disempower, blind and bind.

Some terrain is heavenly-

deeper truths, higher wisdoms, love applied,

a joyful journey of my heart and mind.

April 25, 2021- Shelley Wilson

At The Crossroads

So many Potential Futures

await our Decisions here.

Humanity is at a Great Crossroads-

the Roads of Love and Fear-

the Ways of Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness,

or Ways of Hate and Loss of all that’s dear-

ever-constant Threats of Nuclear War,

Radiation of Tests in Water, Soil and Air,

Geo-engineered Climate Collapse becoming clear,

Biological Warfare on Global Agendas,

Insanities of Depopulation, Global Genocide,

Hoax Alien Attacks approaching near

to rob every Freedom, every Right held dear.

Jesus, Buddha and Others pointed to Love,

to Peace, to Selfless Sharing and Caring,

Ways to a Healthier Future

where Humanity can Thrive,

not merely Survive as Slaves

to Dark Forces creating Fear.

So many Potential Futures

await our Decisions here.

April 18, 2021- Shelley Wilson


There is Peace in Understanding

and Higher Wisdom found within

when All Lives are seen as Kin.

Many a Fear surrounds us here

but there’s a Power, beyond measure,

Life’s greatest gift, our hidden treasure,

God’s own Heaven found within,

our Creator found within,

Grace and Freedom found within.

Then All Lives are seen as Kin.

April 17, 2021

Shelley Wilson