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Thank You Goodbye

Thank You Goodbye

Every End is a New Beginning.

Every Finish is a New Start.

We’re all part of Life Diverse

throughout this Universe.

We’re all part of Life’s Adventures,

God’s own Creation Adventures

exploring, experiencing Itself-

Himself- Herself through All

the Dualities-Realities here

and Beyond Everything here.

Our True Nature- the Spirit of Life

is more than ‘Man’ by far,

more than ‘Earth’ among Stars,

more than we Imagine we are,

more than Cells and Atoms by far.

From Prime Source we Come and Return,

from God we Come and Return,

some taking their Rest in Completion,

some choosing Continuation

in Adventures through Creation.

Every End is a New Beginning.

Every Finish is a New Start.

April 11, 2023

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Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

We Rise

…we rise like Spring Flowers in Nature..,

We Rise

When Death can no longer hold us

in our Tombs of Forgetfulness-

there in Separation Consciousness

forgetting the Oneness of Life,

beliefs causing conflict and strife,

disrespecting, dishonouring Life,

living yet ‘dead’, thinking we are

far, far less than the Spirit we are,

denying the Spirit of Life we are,

crucifying our Higher Consciousness,

forgetting the glories of Who We Are***

When Death can no longer hold us

despite all its ‘bodily evidence’,

we Rise like Spring Flowers in Nature

after Winters ‘appearing dead’,

glorious even when ‘taken for granted’,

or by some firmly, strongly denied

even ‘proving their point’ through violence

not understanding that Life Can’t Die***

When Death can no longer hold us,

we are Reborn to that Consciousness

of our Oneness with God All That Is Life,

even when leaving Physicality behind

with its Atoms and powers of Mind***

We are Life Embodied. God Bless Every One,

All One***

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April 10, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Farewell Flowers

Funeral Floral Tributes I call Farewell Flowers graced many a Funeral years ago when I worked in small flower shops, then grocery store floral departments, so it was often a lot of time-pressured designing I did for all the friends and families who acknowledged the deceased and comforted the living this way then. Even Nursing Home residents often got to enjoy the flowers sent to them after the Services.
Sometimes customers ordering Farewell Flowers had special requests like feathers, fishing gear, lighthouses, toy firetrucks, things that represented special interests, hobbies, sports, even jobs. I rarely had time or opportunity to photograph all the Tributes and other occasion flower bouquets and arrangements I designed over the years. When having to copy a floral design picture, it felt like I was doing ‘paint by numbers’. I put my heart into creating anything I could design myself. Now retired, I hear that Floral Designers are most often required to be Floral Arrangers copying what customers see presented online. I’d have ‘died a thousand deaths’ making Farewell Flowers mostly that way.

Revolving Door

A funeral tribute I created over two decades ago

Revolving Door

Death is a Revolving Door,

Part of Life’s Great Process-

Both Entrance and Exit-

the Coming and Going

even Quickly Returning

through Life’s Door

like Jesus or Sri Yukteswar

those Masters Moving Energies,

like Lazarus, like Patients

without ‘Vital Signs’

Quickly Returning Again…

Death is a Revolving Door,

Bodies, Personalities, Stories,

‘Completed’ Missions, Agendas,

all ‘Attachments’ of Spirit

no longer needed, left behind…

Death is a Revolving Door,

Part of the Process of Life-

the Coming and the Going

of Souls Experiencing,

Exploring, Evolving…

Death is Life Continually Moving

between Physical-Spiritual

States of Being- Becoming-

between Densities of Physicalities,

Other Realms and Realities,

through Spectrums of Feelings,

Understandings, Exploring…

Souls Move through Life

Desiring, Creating,

Co-creating with God

then Rest in the Great Oneness,

Resting at Home with God

or Continuing On…

Souls have Free Will

to Stay or Continue On

to Other Adventures,

to Other Fresh Starts,

Forgetting to Remembering,

Moving through Cycles

of Eternal Life,

God’s Everlasting Pure Love

the Power and Essence of Life…

April 8, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC