Vision of a Sacred Circle

(Vision-  my digital music composition)
A circle of golden light appeared
before my wondering eyes
and ’round that sacred ring I read
…End joined to Beginning…
…an all-encompassing Circle of Oneness…
to which I wed my heart and mind
in joyful, loving celebration…
Like bands of gold and olympic rings
and countless sacred circles here,
souls announce their Unity
as parts of a Greater Whole
with Oneness as the source and goal.
January, 1993 revised May, 2004 , January, 2006

China Risen, Egypt Reborn

(Every Winter Ends With Spring-  my digital music composition)
China Risen, Egypt Reborn
I was a loving Lady Wu,
and a starving peasant too.
Like Osiris, I was torn
Hypatia, and Hatshepsut reborn.
Percy Bysshe Shelley was my name,
and Aeschylus of Grecian fame.
Of course, haha, I could be wrong.
Now to fair Canada I belong,
and to Earth and beyond—
expressing Life again for which I longed
as an evolving soul in the Milky Way…
creating roles in God’s Great Play.
January, 2006

The Eternal Bridge

(Still Silence-  my digital music composition)
The Eternal Bridge
I am the Love—Wisdom Bridge
here to unite your heart, soul, and mind.
As an ancient and modern link
crossed by saints and sages
throughout Earth’s Ages,
you’ll always find
I begin in goodwill
and end in peace.
My path is the path of freedom
and the place where fears are released.
I am the Love—Wisdom Bridge
of real-izing connections.
we are all one—
November, 2001 revised May, 2004 January, 2006

Dona’s Smile

(Peace Project-  my digital music composition)
Dona’s Smile
Dona braves strange lands
with quiet dignity and friendly warmth.
She’s a fast learner, observing first
political arrangements and hierarchical forms
that govern the local landscapes
where she lives and works.
Then, with the ease of a seasoned traveler,
she maps out her self-determined way.
Dona has the adaptive nature of a chameleon,
and the instinctive wisdom of a bird of prey.
Her calming voice reveals the patience
and charms of a purring cat.
What is the secret in her wide, knowing smile?
She’s just passing through, as are we all.
February, 1999 revised April, 2004

The Flower

(Wonder-  my digital music composition)
The Flower
I feel a refreshing sense of wonder
in your miraculous presence
and touch you tenderly
with my eyes and hands.
So many souls find
comfort, reassurance, hope, and joy
through your gentle expression of life.
How I delight to discover
the splendours of your nature
flowering in full bloom.
February, 1993 revised May, 2004

Floral Predictions

(Longing For-  my digital music composition)
Floral Predictions
So often people ask,
“How long will these flowers last?”
fearing they’ll wither fast—
like the days of their life perhaps?
Before the cuts are paid
they want a promise made
that beauty won’t quickly fade.
Then I smile and simply say,
“Longer than those things you pay,
unquestioning, any given day.
They’ll last longer by far
than the fuel for your car,
a movie, a meal, a drink at the bar…”
What day will these petals wilt and fall?
Sometimes I wonder if florists all
need training with a crystal ball!
January, 2001