Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Home and the memory of Home
so distant now—so far away
the angry Earth, like Mars before,
covered with blood of Man and Beast.
Terror rules the land, the sky, the sea.
How did this horror come to be
that every Fear has led to War
and fragile Freedoms are denied?
Weapons command and Man obeys.
All eyes become the eyes of spies.
All actions are potential threat.
Enslaved in nightmares Mad Men made,
force-fed by prejudice and hate,
we live our self-created fate—
Attack, Destroy, or Watch and Wait.
The voices of a better way
to give our Home a Peace crowned Day
are silent now…
False hope remains for Life on Earth.
And so, we travel ‘midst the stars’
seeking Life for other Wars.
February, 2005

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