My Heart Remembers

Just Be-CauseMy Heart Remembers
My heart remembers you.
No, we haven’t met before, that’s true.
But, I look into your eyes and see
the buried love that used to be
the fire and ice
of former lives.
My heart remembers you.
Verse 1
Another time, another place,
a different name, a different face,
despite it all, I recognize
your Being in another form,
your Soul in its disguise.
Verse 2
Free to travel Time and Space
by our Spirit’s loving grace,
here and now we meet again,
forgetting what once was,
’til only Love itself remains.
Verse 3
We are a Mystery to solve,
ever-changing to evolve,
finding powers deep inside,
aware we never truly die
as stars explode and comets collide.

One thought on “My Heart Remembers

  1. The red letter Just Be-Cause at the beginning of this poem is a link to a musical composition I created for a project I called An Alphabet For Indigo Children. If it doesn’t buffer quickly I hope you’ll Replay.


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