The human tongue
is a fierce and fire-breathing dragon
guarding the great store-house of the heart.
The human tongue
is a double-edged sword
with the power to create or destroy
with even a single stroke.
The human tongue
is Imagination’s flying carpet
and the unrolled red rug of Intelligence.
It’s the poisoned dart of Hatred
and the Love arrow on Cupid’s bow.
It’s the table where Wisdom and Stupidity eat,
and the bed where Virtues and Vices breed.
It’s an exposee, a river of toxins,
a wardrobe of changing emotions,
a smorgasbord of tasty delights.
The human tongue
is a swinging bridge
connecting one mind and heart to millions.
It’s the most dangerous weapon on Earth,
and the planet’s most spiritual Messenger of Peace
through good will.
It’s the iron rod of determined Force,
and the magic wand of Fame and Fortune.
Power sits regally upon this velvet, cushioned chair.
They are Life’s masters indeed, those who master
their own tongue.
December, 1991. revised March, 1998

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