The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of LoveMysteries
You and I are the Mystery of Love—
the bright, white light of Love—
that creative Spirit
from which the Universe
is ever creating Itself anew.
We are That, behind the masks of Time,
beyond the shadow-plays of fear
in which we entertain ourselves.
You and I are Love Creators
adorned with Self-forgetful robes of roles
that hide the naked glory
of our unlimited, unfettered Being.
We are the magical One in Many
pretending to be ‘there’ and ‘then’
when all the while we’re always ‘here’ and ‘now’,
conjuring Space and Time to suit our purpose.
Awake, aware, and alive to our Essence,
we are awesome, wondrous, and splendid beyond words.
How do we express the enrapturing bliss
of who we are?
Remember our Oneness, Love!!!
December, 1998

One thought on “The Mystery of Love

  1. The red letter Mysteries at the beginning of this poem is a link to a musical composition I created for a project I called An Alphabet For Indigo Children. If it doesn’t buffer quickly I hope you’ll Replay.


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