Human Survival

Human Survival
We are beings of pure energy, boundless and free—
more than the ever-changing flesh and blood we’d allow
to define and dictate our Life-linked destiny,
unaware of our oneness in the here and now.
Don’t bind us at birth’s first painful cry
to this planet’s slave-creating myths of the past.
Show our Genderless Souls that never die
our birthright of dignity and respect at long last.
Take us beyond our ancient cultures’ Written Words—
beyond the magic of alien-angel interventions—
past false promises in an ever-warring world—
choreographed events, and technologies transcending
Feed us the true milk and honey of Freedom’s LOVE,
not the poison of illusion-creating fears.
Remind us of our power to rise above
Sleep-Walkers Shadow-lands of torments and tears.
Free us of all that promotes and celebrates Pain
as the “glorious means” to a Spiritual end.
Teach us that in the Spirit of Unity we gain.
A wounded World waits to heal and to mend.
January, 2002

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