Indigo Vision

Indigo Vision
How can one gaze upon angels
and not fall in love with them?
How can one look upon aliens
and not become one of them?
Their wondrous glories are our past and future—
inspiring and challenging our lives and our world
in the vast, eternal NOW.
We met them, angels and aliens,
in the bright white light
of yesterday’s ancient treasured memories
buried among the stars and surrounded
by the shrouding mists
that ebb and flow like tides of awakening awareness…
Even now, we feel the energies of their cloaked
presence among us
and witness their magical, mystical radiance
in the meditative indigo vision of our soul’s sight…
We see the dazzling universal connections
aligning and attuning our souls and minds and bodies
to that enrapturing indigo frequency.
It bridges and links
the deep blue calm of our enlightening spirituality
to the purple and violet glories of our growing
Shining quietly and serenely, we too can activate
dynamic forces
through the centering powers
of stillness and Self-realization…
Here we stand in indigo
among the countless visible and invisible denizens
of our multi-dimensional Universe.
Evolving and creating and growing,
we resurrect our soul’s cosmic consciousness
of remembering who we really are
behind the eternally changing masks of mind and form…
We have always lived among angels and aliens,
aware or unaware of interlinking realities
and agendas…
Our histories and our evolution is
intertwined with theirs,
though we saw and were blind, heard and were deaf…
It’s a great cosmic joke.
I looked through the indigo
and thought I’d die laughing…
God loves a good joke.
April, 1997

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