A Solitary Mare

A Solitary Mare
I put myself out to pasture—
left man’s ‘bridal’ and his ‘reigns’ behind,
left the harness and family cart,
left the baggage it held behind.
I jumped the fence to freedom,
went south, then headed west.
Now I saunter, gallup, and trot
with the sea winds of the west.
Through these harvest years I find
more strength than I had before,
more courage, awareness, and beauty
inside than I ever had before.
Sometimes I meet mares and stallions
running faster, smarter, wiser than me.
Then my instinct is to run faster,
smarter, wiser, all that I can be,
‘naying’ as I wish, playing as I wish,
daring to be true and loyal to me.
July, 2001

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