Now she walks the celestial paths
of cosmic dust and bright star-rays,
remembered by those she left behind
for her laughter and her gentle ways,
courageous heart, determined mind.
She journeys Beyond and travels Light.
Like a queen, she walks, with a crown of Love
upon her shining, ethereal tresses,
down heavenly roads that endless wind
past radiant orbs and reflective moons.
The rainbow-dress of her Soul sways
with sublime, graceful rhythms
as when her body danced with Time—
her Spirit in tune with the Universe.
She laughs at the illusion of dreaded Death,
aware of evolutionary trails to explore
that lead back to the oneness of All That Is.
How can we grieve for her greater gain?
She was here for a moment, as are we all,
but a moment filled with love is never a loss.
It enriches us, as when we find a vein of gold—
refining, transforming, beautifying…
Now she’s off to other adventures
but we shall meet again—
crossing starry paths here and there,
meeting in many dimensions,
walking together again…
July, 1998  revised April, 2004

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