Love Light

Love Light
I saw a full spectrum of colours
flash upon a household wall
and had to stop in awe-struck wonder
of the beauty of it all.
It appeared there in such splendour,
the nature of Love I realized
as a range of Frequencies expressed through Life,
colour visualized.
The Energies linked in natural unity
as a vibrant display of Light,
then became a poetic dance
to my artistic inner sight.
These colours of Love’s vitality
moved rhythmically in Time and Space,
swirling expressions interacting together
in dynamic harmony of pace.
This vision opened my mind and heart
to amazing info-patterns there—
a changing, repetitive, geometrical dance of colours
expressing true love and genuine care.
The spirit of Love revealed Itself in colours
flashed upon an inner wall
and I had to stop in reverent wonder
of the beauty of it all.
February, 1992, revised November 2001 and April, 2004

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