Shopping For Groceries

Shopping For Groceries
Just an ordinary day. Nothing special to do.
We drove to the Grocery Store, where on cue
our ‘Parking Angels Prayer’ worked its grace
in gifting us with a close parking space.
Taking Grocery Stores for granted as we often do—
abundance and variety of goods fresh and new—
we pulled out our list and headed down the aisles,
filling the cart and exchanging fast smiles.
Seeing the Produce where fruit and ‘veggies’ lay
in a sense-awakening, colourful display—
suddenly it wasn’t just an ordinary day
as the scene before me began to fade away.
Only Dan, the Produce man, somehow remained
and I watched him as he silently strained
to reach for pears high up in a tree
near where I knew lush gardens to be.
Beyond them were kept many hives of bees.
Their honey flavoured our Monastery’s cheese,
sweet bread, and our own very special sweet wine.
Having Communion there was truly divine!
Seeds, as precious as scrolls of parchment I kept
beneath the bed where I wearily slept,
were carefully gathered for future need.
We had so many brown-robed Brothers to feed!
Dan descended the ladder saying a prayer
for a bountiful harvest and the strength to bear
the burdens and demands of that austere life
in a land long oppressed by sword and by strife.
He turned to me with a pear and a smile,
and then I realized that all the while
we each had a different body and face
that were lost somewhere in time and space.
The scene dissipated as I became aware
of standing transfixed while holding a pear.
I didn’t know what to think or say,
but my heart sure rejoiced to see this day!
To questioning looks I happily laughed.
Why tell them, I thought. They’ll call me daft!
It’s enough that I’m now one who knows.
Nothing is ‘ordinary’! Everything ‘glows’!
How I savour this life with pure delight—
for what can be ‘common’ in my sight?
Every atom in and about me dances and sings
to the music and mystery of heavenly things.
Shopping for groceries here is such a treat.
There are so many ‘colourful’ characters to meet
amidst food and flowers of radiant light—
bright enough to awaken your soul’s inner sight.
August, 2000

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