Thank You

Thank You
I’ve looked within and without
and now I more clearly see.
Whether I live at this cosmic address, Earth,
amidst this Universal City
we call The Milky Way,
or move to a new neighbourhood
in a distant Galaxy,
or journey through the realms
of invisible Dimensions,
I am eternally at Home
in Your Presence, Divine Love…
I live and move and have my being
in awareness of You everywhere,
seeing within and without.
Your radiant glory shines all about
in everything there is.
How I love the wonder
and mystery and beauty
of Creation and creativity,
of Evolution and evolving consciousness,
Your Presence in us
and our Presence in You.
For this I am eternally grateful,
my Beloved and my true Self.
November, 1996  revised May, 2004 and January, 2006

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