A Fox Tale

A Fox Tale
You are being cunningly deceived,
warned the red fox with the sly smile.
Once again it had jumped from my hands
to lie down on the table before me.
Tell me how! I demanded to know
of this fox who spoke to my imagination—
but to no avail. It was silent again.
Frustrated, I set the gypsy picture cards aside.
So many silent foxes in my life, I thought,
remembering encounters through the years.
The curious, silent fox waiting patiently for us
on the side of a sunlit country road—
the huge, silent fox passing close by me
as we picked wild blueberries on a sandy hill…
There were other foxes too,
all silent totem-messengers of Nature.
Tell me how, I prayed to the Universe,
trusting the red fox’s answer would finally come.
Late that evening my teenage son arrived,
breathless, wide-eyed, and excited.
“Mom, you won’t believe this,
but a red fox just followed me
right from the restaurant downtown
into our driveway at home!
Then I smiled a slow, sly fox smile.
“Do you have something to tell me, son?”
February, 2000

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