I rose from dreams of dancing in lush gardens
filled with bright colours of light-hearted laughter
blooming here and there, warm and hot.
Bravely, I opened the heavy, shielding curtains
to discover again the death-shroud of Winter—
a stark, white burial linen
draped upon the body of the Earth.
Above it, the ethereal haze of still, cold air
revealed to me a haunting Presence—
a Silent Being whose essence spoke
of an indifferent, strange Unknown.
Then Dawn’s first light gently transformed
the starlit sky and alien world
with welcoming, healing hues
of its affectionate embrace.
The energy of such miraculous beauty
spread and flowed freely
through my awakened heart and mind.
This free and friendly Spirit of the Morning
lifted me beyond The Human Dream.
With dawning Spring, we merged as one
to touch the frozen, dreaming land
with our radiant, enlivening aura
of sparkling light and sweet-coloured joy.
January, 1997 revised April, 2004

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