Our Love

Our Love
Our love is a pyramid of secret mysteries
and cherished other-world treasures…
It’s a hidden cave of ancient scrolls and artifacts
awaiting the wisdom of a peaceful Day.
it’s an underground stream of water rising up
to fountain-kiss the welcoming air;
a rich vein of undiscovered gold beneath
searching prospectors’ feet;
a crystal prism transformed by sunlight
into a magic rainbow wand;
a sunken galleon-chest now wearing jewels
of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls;
a painting, a poem, a song;
an old and beautiful cathedral; a humble temple
filled with praise and prayer;
a future spaceship with a mission
to explore other worlds beyond…
Our love is an advancing wave
upon a sea of universal love.
February, 1993 revised, April, 2004

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