I do admire God’s Creation,
watching Insects with fascination.
In countless forms, they procreate
faster than their Extinction Rate.
Perhaps these Insects will outlast
Humans mind-chained to the Past.
Insects cannot question “Why?”
or imagine they can ‘justify’
sacrifice of self and others,
like Fathers and Mothers,
Sisters and Brothers,
(‘suicides’ and ‘slaughters’)
using their last breath
for The Cause of ‘glorious death’.
Insects don’t just ‘pay the price’
like human sacrifice,
knowing no fearful ‘sin’
or Happy Heaven ‘to win’
created to placate
‘lesser gods’ of war and racist hate,
of vengeance and needs,
hypocrisy and greed’s
slavery to old lies and laws,
with contradictions and character flaws.
Insects don’t tell far-fetched Tales
(oppress females to empower males—
just blame some Woman for it all,
(Eve’s ‘Temptation’, Adam’s ‘Fall’)
 fed to off-spring from their birth,
defining sense of self and worth,
a kind of living sacrifice
forever ‘paying’ the sinful ‘price’
of Fictions made in days gone by
dictating How to Live and Die.
Insects watch the horrors Humans create
crediting ‘God’ or blaming their Fate,
counting the costly ‘Death Toll rate’
as deadlier technologies proliferate
fueled by Old Feuds and Fears and Hate.
Is this a higher state of Evolution?
Looks more like Mankind’s Devolution!!!
“Death to those who don’t ‘Believe’! “—
Indifference to all those who grieve!—
a Bloody Sacrifice of Life
in a World of endless strife.
Perhaps Earth’s Insects will outlast
Humans buried in their past!
March, 2005

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