Spring in Winter called Alissa and I to explore,
so we drove the winding mountain roads
that thrill you with wonder at every turn.
We traveled from Victoria to Tofino,
with blessings for our adventurous journey
from the ancient trees of Cathedral Grove.
Aboriginal artistry whispered to us
in a quiet, meditative Gallery
offering images to nurture the soul.
A print called ‘Timeless’ spoke directly to our hearts.
Creative Spirit joined the Sun on one side
to the Full Moon on the other
with bright colours and bold lines.
Soon we found ourselves at Long Beach,
walking happily between the Sun and the Moon.
We’d entered the awesome beauty of a timeless walk
on wave-patterned sand firm beneath our feet.
The tide was out, revealing little treasures
here and there along the magical shore.
Seeming near though far, frothy mint-green waves
reached to greet us, then invitingly drew back.
Wet-suited surfers rode upon their crests.
Birds watched from the sand, the water, and the sky.
Scattered across the dream-world landscape,
explorers like us wandered,
soaking in the simple joy of being.
It was a timeless scene in which we walked—
the slowly setting Sun soaring
above the vast Pacific waters to our right,
while to the left the Full Moon sat
like an eagle resting on the tree-tops
waiting for the unknown night.
We still have a Universe to explore
in the cycles of aeons to come
but timeless memories last forever
so we’ll surely relive this one.
February, 2000

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