Talking To a Tree

Talking To a Tree
It was love at first sight,
the moment I saw you there
in the bliss of a sunlit day.
I’d heeded the sea’s insistent call
and found you on the way,
quietly waiting with all the other trees.
Your presence overwhelmed me
with a sense of strength and peace.
I became aware that in you
the life force flowed in a stream
of potent power unmatched by those around.
I felt it, too, when I reached to touch you.
How I needed to be at-one—
your energy mingled with mine!
Then the memory awoke in my heart.
In a bright-coloured childhood dream
I was digging in the ground
beneath a great and mystic tree.
Laid between the massive roots, I could see
the many treasures I had found.
The wealth of radiant gems I’d sought
with undaunted will and patient care
lay in abundance everywhere!
I marveled at the awesome beauty
of such clear cut stones of varying size.
When I thought to myself,
“What tree is this?” I heard
a wise and knowing voice say,
“I am the Tree of Life!”
So now, here I am, a guardian angel,
Ariel, the Angel of Nature in disguise,
a woman just talking to a tree.
February, 2000

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