a gray scenario

a gray scenario
they met in the gray zone
of politics and security and law…
little gray beings from beyond gray skies
with magical powers and technologies
and fast-graying humans with gray-suited skills
of negotiation and compromise…
there were no black and white judgments
here in the gray zone—
just a cold linking of minds
exploring gray values…
all eyes betraying
a quick-silver clarity of understanding
and grim, machiavellian determination
to gain the greatest profit from their contact—
the power and wealth of knowledge gained
by trade in lives, minds, and bodies
to observe, examine, dissect, and analyze…
some to be killed, some to be kept alive,
some to be cross-bred,
some to be returned to their societies
with stolen memories and traumas hidden
in misty-gray dreams—
the lucky ones to be tagged and observed
with technological wonders
as they lived out their days like chosen pets…
just a little gray-trading of lives—
a simple commodity trade
to empower and ensure the survival
of their own species…or so they thought…
January, 1997

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