Cheers! and a toast to you my Son
with gratitude for being the one
to give you birth on planet Earth.
You’ve been here many times before
drinking cups of peace and war
as pauper, prince, soldier, sailor, samurai…
as Dream-Time shaman, as alchemist asking “Why?”…
as inventor, musician, mechanical engineer
wed only to your well loved rye and beer…
For Holy Communion via ‘the vine’,
as monk, you made and drank fine wine—
some poured on wounds that fester still
in denials and hardships testing your will.
How often Adversity was your mead,
self-created to fill your need
to repeat old patterns once again
of rebellions, losses, and hidden pain.
Aaron of the Ark, High Priest,
a ‘chosen one’ to say the least.
Rebel slave to Alien God’s confidant…
technologies, rituals, summits that haunt…
commitments changed to rigid laws…
worshipping Deity with character flaws
(vengeful, condemning, demanding a price—
sacrificial offerings and a Christ.)
“When the inner sight is clear,
outward symbols disappear.”
See your Spirit’s shining Light within
free from Myths of guilt and sin.
Claim the Birthright all souls share
shown in the Spirit of those who dare
commune with God in their own Souls.
Remember the beginning and end of goals…
Oneness with All That Which Is and Is Not…
the Godding Experience aliens and humans sought.
You are key to a Mystery to solve, my dear.
May you always create and evolve without fear,
seeing God as true Unconditional Love
and your unlimited potential to rise above
old habits and patterns that no longer serve.
May you know the free-spirited joy you deserve,
war no more, no struggle nor strife.
Leave battles behind and free your life,
creating new versions of who you are,
overcoming all those things that bar
grander visions and higher good
ever more clearly understood.
Whether what I say is right or wrong,
you can choose your own Life Song.
Cheers! and a toast to you my Son
with gratitude for being the one
to give you birth on planet Earth.
January, 2006

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