Fragrant Pinks

Fragrant Pinks
They met in the park
by the plantings of pink dianthus flowers,
fragrant pinks,
both dressed in shades of pink
and smelling of flowery soaps and perfumes.
They were two young mothers,
one dark-skinned , one fair,
taking their babies for a slow, summer stroll.
Perhaps it was the warm radiance
of so much motherly pink energy
that caused them to speak.
A warm-hearted greeting
quickly budded into conversation
about nurturing and mother-love.
This friendly chat
miraculously blossomed in time
into a life-long, true friendship
blessing and embracing
each others’ families and friends as well.
It was in the park that day
that two souls found a way
to honour so many lives
with beautiful plantings
of pink energy values—
caring, kindness, affectionate respect—
and that love of fragrant pinks.
January, 1997 revised April, 2004

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