The Dolphin

The Dolphin
Shock and revulsion swept through him
in a swift, devastating wave
as he witnessed the intentional pollution
of waters essential to so many lives.
The dolphin struggled with his keen intelligence
to understand these strangest of sea-faring mammals.
They were curious, callous, and cruel,
these dominant killers of the aquatic world.
The pollution was everywhere!
He felt an overpowering sense of panic
and began to emit distress signals,
thrashing about in the fouled water.
Not knowing where to leap or dive,
his hopes slowly drowned in despair
of such arrogantly contemptuous destruction.
Polluted clouds formed from polluted waters
then marched with strong, polluted winds
to vent their raging, vengeful furies
on polluted sea and polluted land.
With them, the dolphin’s distress signals
echoed long unheeded warnings
of this insanely suicidal species
destroying the environment of their own world.
Listen…Do you hear him now?
March, 1992 revised May, 2004

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