Where Were Your Angels?

Where Were Your Angels?
Where were your Angels
when predator pedophiles stalked your days,
your childhood a blur of fear and pain,
and The Secret withheld from those you blame
for not seeing or hearing your silent screams.
Where were your Angels
when cultural initiations of drugs and booze
made your youth a shadowed haze
of confusion, guilt, and ravaged dreams,
powers and potentials raped for others’ gain.
Where were your Angels
when you sold yourself with clever seductions
to buy a life of pleasures and pleasing
toys to quiet the ghostly screaming
when paralyzed memories returned again.
Do Angels protect, empower, and offer cures?
Were your Angels indifferent or just voyeurs?
Perhaps the Old-Man-God-of-the-Sky
and his Angels are just an ancient Myth or Lie
to help us feel ‘safe’ until we ‘die’.
Do we create these Beings we adore
to embrace the Human Race with a Magic Lore,
with prayers and petitions to implore
an ever judging and condemning God of War
and Predators we just can’t ignore.
August, 2005

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