An Olympic Story

An Olympic Story
Once upon a time, long ago and far away
in another galaxy, God decided to play.
So She created a race of human gods to stay
on a life-threatening planet where they
trained vigorously both night and day
for the Games He called ‘The Olympic Way’.—
These Games of the gods would pay
the victorious winners of the day
precious Rewards and valued Medals
by overcoming obstacles
and leadening limitations.—
The Bronze of Knowledge,
the Silver of Understanding,
and the Gold of Wisdom
were the goals of these Olympics
of the mind and heart and soul.
Laurel Crowns were awarded
well-excercised inner strengths
of undaunted courage,
steadfast faith,
and self-disciplined skill.—
More wondrous still,
the Crown of a glorious secret lay
hidden in each one to Seek and Find—
for within these Game-playing gods,
it was really only God at play!!!
February, 1992 revised May, 2004

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