Purple Depths and Violet Heights

Purple Depths and Violet Heights
Whenever you met one of them,
making contact with the electro-magnetic radiance
of thoughts and emotions that cloaked their souls
in ever-changing hues and shades of purple and violet,
you’d check the impulse to bow or kneel.
Intuitively, you knew these ethereal, royal robes
were meant to be your God-given heritage
and divine birthright too.
You sensed the subtle yet powerful force within them
of spiritual, psychic, and mental powers and abilities
worn like crowns upon their heads,
like scepters in their hands,
like crystals in their hearts,
like stars upon their brows.
You sensed their high frequency awareness—
these forerunners of a future human race.
You knew they were somehow different,
no matter how well they attempted
to camouflage their sensitivities
like secret weapons.
They had a unique way of expressing
the Universal Creative Spirit
with magical, brilliant flashes of intuitive insights
revealing clear perceptions and profound understanding
of connecting links and relationships.
Focusing on situations and problems
with laser-powered discernment
in their inner courts of decision,
you knew that their love of mankind
wasn’t blind or ignorant or naive.
You saw how they envisioned and embodied
the splendour and magnificence
of what humanity could choose to be.
They spoke an empowering, evolution-accelerating
language of challenging, energizing ideas
by communicating in the poetry of universal symbols
and visual imagery chosen to awaken sleeping minds.
They endeavoured to uplift and enlighten humanity
through a higher soul-knowledge
generating love-wisdom’s healing amethyst energies.
Manifesting the power of higher intuitive intelligence,
they reached within, then upward and outward
in an expanding, nurturing communion
of mind to minds, heart to hearts,
with purple insights and violet inspirations.
You sensed they were spiritual warriors,
both male and female,
who’d fought and lost or won their inner battles
through aeons of varied life-experiences.
Until at last, their souls and minds and bodies
stood truly united
in the glorious victory of self-mastery,
Though battle-scarred from wounds inflicted
on their questing journeys through a myriad lives,
their purple hearts and violet minds shone ever brighter
with the power of an inner beauty and strength.
You felt a sense of loving intimacy
mingled with alienating detachment.
Like kissing a lover and embracing air…
You felt the quiet courage of their daring explorations
of the unknown within and without,
inner space and outer space,
the infinite unity of the holy, mysterious realms
of the mystic and the astronaut.
You felt a stirring, however faint,
of Cosmic Consciousness
that emanated from them—
indescribable feelings of reverence and unity
in pulsating waves and dancing particles
of physical, mental, emotional, and psychic energy.
Unseen, floating tracks, signals, and signatures
of high frequency spiritual consciousness
of varying degrees of attunement
and ever-changing intensities
revealed these loving, advanced souls.
You found them in all walks of life,
from the most humble to the most grand,
yet all shared the same hidden treasure.
Their wealth was a divine awareness
of oneness with the visible and invisible Universe,
of humble unity and communion with God.
Their long spiritual quest was over—
their cups of sorrow transformed
into the highest love and peace and joy.
Discovering these forerunners of our future
made you yearn to dive into the deepest
depths of purple
and rise to the highest heights of violet
and laugh at the wonder of it all.
February, 1997 revised April, 2004

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