Seeing Ahead and Looking Back

Seeing Ahead and Looking Back
I enter the Museum’s gate to the past
joining my Alien mate at long last
after a day of exploring the depths of my mind,
eager to see what I might find.
So many beliefs, like discarded relics lay
arranged in a curious mental display.
Though important before, how they seem child’s play!
I greet my beloved with a warm embrace,
then we walk the halls at a leisurely pace.
Strange relics of bygone beliefs we now see,
as we look with wonder and rejoice to be free
of countless ‘licenses’, ‘contracts’, and forms of ‘tax’,
old bits of paper and coins called ‘money’,
plastic cards for ‘credit’, ‘debit’, and I.D.s,
antique guns and metal ‘handcuffs’ with keys,
outgrown ‘scriptures’ and ‘laws’ of races and nations,
territorial boundaries on maps of the world,
odd ‘scepters’ and ‘gavels’ and ‘flags’ unfurled.
“How quaint!” I’m deeply moved to say,
knowing that what we hold dear today
will also change and pass away.
Telepathing love thoughts to all those about,
we share our soul-joy and quietly walk out.
August 2000, revised April, 2004

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