Finding Heidi

Finding Heidi
Heidi’s psyche lives 1 degree south of Moosonee,
with periodic tropical retreats.
She is a cycle of seasons
and continuously changing weather patterns.
You need psychic satellites to predict what’s next,
and even then…she’s suddenly living elsewhere.
Heidi’s cats live in and around her.
As in ancient Egypt, she finds God in them,
but by another definitive name.
They form a sacred society, and
all purr prayers for peace in unison.
The peace of loving care is catnip to their souls.
Occasional sharp scratches surprise
the uninitiated of this other-world.
Even those who’ve been blessed
by the scent of their cat charms
feel their claws now and then.
Sometimes I find Heidi in her temple,
sometimes a stranger dwells there.
Heidi holds secrets so secret—
she’s hidden them from herself.
February, 1999

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