Portrait of Norm

Portrait of Norm
He’s a fierce and powerful warlord
and a gentle, seductive maiden in disguise.
He’s a swift cheetah and a soaring hawk.
Pray that you’re not his prey!
Surrounded by dragon-mist, he lives
in a confusing labyrinth of complexities.
In this domain, he’s a fearsome Minotaur
with piercing teeth and judging horns.
It blocks the path to the inmost door of his heart—
that sacred place where God is unconditional love.
Few reach that far in his challenging maze.
It’s so easy to lose your own way.
My friend is a fish swimming upstream,
driven to go against the flow.
Instinct and unrelenting will,
high leaps of faith and logic—
all take him to his chosen goals.
As one door closes another awaits,
for we all create our future fates.
Another time, another place,
I know I’ll recognize his face.
February, 1999 revised April, 2004

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