The Horse

The Horse
Shied as by the sight of quicksand,
he saw the wisdom of speedy retreat
from the path on which she stood
in seductive pose and uncommon beauty.
Her mane and tail beckoned him
in the heated high-noon breeze…
The danger suddenly stirred his blood
with the excitement of challenge and conquest—
the quicksand attraction betraying intelligence.
It was a showdown of primal instincts
struggling to take hold—instincts of arousal
fighting to overpower
his seasoned horse sense warnings within.
He felt the inner reins of duty
and monogamous commitment—
the harness of his stallion strengths—
and in a determined force of triumphant will
drove himself to higher, more stable ground.
There mated mare and foal quietly waited,
aware only of his graceful, chosen stride.
March, 1992 revised May, 2004

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