I recall the days of our lost love—
the unspoken days of just waiting
for self-release from our pleasant imprisonment—
the days when silent sadness lay hidden
deep in every haunted laugh…
we mimed our passion then.
I bless those days.
Our love was once turquoise and starlight,
the sound of the flute and the harp,
the embrace of a warm Spring breeze,
mint chocolate and adventure walks.
Our love was once the radiant sparkle
of sunkissed falling snowflakes,
lightning-energized rain on leaves,
joy-singing birds and dragonfly wings.
Our love was once calm, clear water,
the peaceful quiet of morning light,
soft flower showers, silent talks,
cozy comforters and children’s laughter.
I bless those days.
April,1999 revised May, 2004

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