God Met God On The Street

God Met God On The Street
God met God on the street today
and he paused for a moment to say
Hello—how are you this fine day?
and she replied Good! Oh, by the way
did you see the show God put on last night?
God, it was such an amazing sight!
I took out my telescope, thinking I might
see God amidst the bright starlight.
I saw It everywhere and then I knew
God as the essence of every atom too—
from supernova to morning dew—
from everything old to everything new.
I saw God dance as Northern Lights
through which God passed as satellites
watching the world from distant heights—
observing Itself in orbiting flights.
The sleeping ones don’t know It still
dreaming dreams of fight and kill
their other selves who also will
dream their many dreams until
they too wake up to God as ‘Life’.
Well, give my best to your kids and wife!
January, 2006

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