An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageH is for humility, honesty, and helpfulness. Honour the inherent rights and freedoms of all others as you honour your own soul path.
Be your own hero in finding higher awareness and deeper perceptions to express the respect, dignity, and glory of your own Life in every precious moment of the only Now.
Recognize the fears that limit, attack, and destroy inner freedom, inner peace, and inner joy. Embrace and transform those fears through the en-light-en-ing power of the energy of heartfelt loving thoughts, loving words, and loving deeds. This transformative energy, this power, is real and radiant. It radiates from you and unites with the frequencies of love-energy other souls radiate; and it translates into every ‘language’ and aspect of their lives and yours. This love-energy comes from the very source of your being, which is Life Itself (God). Life works through this Energy. It is the Universal Life Force, the Creative Essence and Process within Everything.
 While the Whole is truly greater than the sum of Its parts, even the humblest part can create and contribute this Energy to expand and glorify the Whole. Thus, all Life evolves.
Be a hero. Help humanity change direction from self-destruction to a brighter future and a better world.

An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageE is for embracing change as you grow. If you desire to exchange your beliefs and ideas about Life as you grow, do so without fear. Life is a process of constant change. Embrace Life with enthusiasm and experience the divine Energy of blissful love, and peace, and joy.
F is for freeing yourself from limiting thoughts about yourself and about Life as you grow in higher awareness. Choose thoughts and beliefs and actions that free you to express your individual Life through higher ideas and deeper truths of your unity with all. Free yourself from fears that bind and limit your awesome spirit and wonder-full expression of Life.
G is for a heartfelt attitude of gratitude for Life, which is another name for God, and for the gifts of God in you. Find and express these inner gifts with gratitude as you grow in higher awareness.

An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageAn Alphabet For Indigo Children
A is for awesome. What does awesome look like? Look in a mirror. You are awesome. You are more than what you see. You are a Spirit called Life in a human body. You are part of the Awesome Everything.
B is for being and becoming a creative being who creates and re-creates your life as you grow. Why? Just be-cause.
C is for caring, compassion, and connecting. How do you understand that? Imagine that you are seeing through the eyes and body of those people you have contact with or communicate with. Imagine you are seeing through the eyes of animals, birds, and fish. Imagine you are in plants and trees and rocks. Imagine you are in water, earth, fire, air, and the essence of space beyond this Earth. When you imagine, just let your little self go and feel the awesome consciousness of everything, and then you’ll remember and know the connections, the compassion, and the caring to express the unity of Life.
D is for desire. Desire to be the change you wish to see in the world. Desire to create a better world in which to grow and evolve. Desire is like a magical wand for our wishes to come true.

Life Expressions

Life Expressions
There was a vast field of Sunflowers growing to maturity with the nurturing of the Earth, the Rain, and the Sun.
One day, a Sunflower announced “I am a Sunflower! I am an expression of Life, my Creator! We are all part of and one with Life!”
Not understanding, the other Sunflowers whispered all kinds of judgments to each other. Unaware of their own nature, some chose to worship and adore the Sunflower who had realized and expressed its oneness with Life as a loving Sunflower. Some chose to deny the Sunflower was a Sunflower, not realizing their own nature too. Some ignored the message and the controversy it provoked. Every Sunflower judged the Sunflower and the Message of Oneness through the changing, evolving states of their own awareness. Here and there, a Sunflower would awaken and declare “I am a Sunflower! I am an expression of Life, my Creator! We are all part of and one with Life!”
February 22, 2006

Clare’s Vision

(Vision-  my digital music)
Holding within her artistic nature
a painter’s palette of perceptions,
a child-like artist awakened in wonder
to see sunlight softly stroke
the early morning sky.
Still placed on heaven’s canvas
the Moon shone more brightly than she’d ever seen before
in such celestial paintings of the dawn.
She gazed through the clear glass window,
lost in reflection of the lunar image in her sight.
In a single magical moment her vision changed
and she was the Maiden Moon entranced
by the transforming view.
Now she looked upon radiant and regal Mother Earth
dressed in her elegant gown of blue and white
being lovingly embraced by infinite Father Space
wearing his tuxedo of black and light.
Together they danced to a rhythmic arrangement
of energy frequencies created by Spirit’s Love.
Awe filled Clare’s Lunar Soul
as she listened to this symphonic Music of the Spheres.
In tune with the Universe then,
she felt the Creator Spirit’s joy
in manifesting this divine, cosmic art…
creation evolving creation evolving creation…
Finally Clare returned to her limiting senses
just awakening to the mysteries above.
The mystical memory returned whenever she painted,
remembering how the Creative Spirit
transformed the art and artist into one.
April,1999 revised May,2004

Blue Values

They met in the tranquil blue frequency
of calming rhythmic sound and soothing light—
blue flowing over them gently like a cool breeze,
a balm for their minds and hearts
in need of inner peace.
They found each other in the world of dreams,
that magical freedom-realm of a different reality.
There, she opened her eyes feeling refreshed
from the serene solitude of quiet contemplations,
meditative-blue spiritual insights,
and trusting prayers of gratitude.
She discovered herself resting in an ethereal garden
filled with bright blue delphiniums
reaching upward with all their being to the heavens
and pale blue forget-me-nots
humbly beautifying the jewelled soil.
When he approached her in his starry astral body,
she heard the music of flutes and wind-chimes,
smelled the fragrant scent of cedars and pines,
and felt her heart grow still with wonder
seeing blue star-sapphires in his shining eyes.
An aerial kiss of electric blue energy
descended from above, touching each sparkling brow
before penetrating their welcoming hearts.
They stood entranced by this blue fire
that now burned so radiantly within them.
Here was the hope of realizing
their most valued desires and dreams—
truthfulness and trustworthiness,
honesty and honour,
loyalty and loving-kindness…
The shared memory of this vivid dream-vision
awoke them to what could be,
and each vowed to make it so…
February,1997 revised April,2004

The Cow

With one artful brush of her cow’s tail
an annoying mosquito was hurled
with its poison through the air—
only to return with countless others
eager to critique her form
in hopes of drawing blood.
Despite these minor, frustrating attacks,
her life was a rhythmic harmony
in tune with Life’s pastoral symphony
in which she played her own small part.
As a participant contentedly standing in the imagery
of country landscape photos and paintings,
she lived her days in gentle quietude
and peaceful contemplations.
She savoured sunshine and stillness,
yet found endless fascination
in the sweeping dramas of storms.
She loved the light of early morning,
the vibrant green pastures of Spring rains,
the still waters of the pond,
the well-worn paths to the welcoming barn.
She loved resting in calm communion
with the Spirit of Nature, the joy of oneness,
the creative process of eating—
chewing and cud-chewing
of food and thoughts cows think.
Just a common cow, she vainly regarded
her black and white markings
as being special and beautiful
and regarded her milk as being a uniquely fine gift.
Like a nun, she prayed to be forgiven
such vanity and pride when the habit of immodesty
covered and hid her better qualities.
Unlike a nun, she looked at creation
from widely different angles and perspectives.
She knew that cows had been used universally
as a symbol for worship by many humans
and as a symbol for mockery by many.
Such reverence and ridicule she faced
with equanimity mixed with bewilderment
and a healthy sense of humour.
Perhaps she’d be a whale in her next life.
Perhaps a frog.
She had a strong mothering instinct,
even toward those human creatures
who’d arrogantly ‘bought’ her at auction.
She lovingly worked to nurture them
with her flow of desired milk.
She gave freely and wholeheartedly,
celebrating Life with this self-giving.
Shy and mild-mannered most times,
she was a pleasingly good-natured cow
despite the occasional naughty kicks
she gave at milking times—
and the occasional bellowing of discontent
whenever boredom weighed heavily on her fat hours.
More than not, she was content—
not from expectation but gratitude
for the wonder of her life.
She so enjoyed the creative process
she saw in her own nature,
and the comforting communion
which utterly filled her quieted mind
and heart to overflowing expressions.
Her thoughts poured out like streams of milk.
Her milk poured out like streams of thought.
Some animals responded to her
with contemptuous or jealous eyes.
Some gazed at her as if she were
a garden statuary inspiration.
She looked at herself one day
in the pensive pond,
staring in humble reflection.
There she saw all creation in which she was absorbed—
all creation as being a divine, operatic play
evolving act by act
in a glory of expressed perfection.
The cow then lifted her head heavenward,
heart rejoicing,
and in tune with her own nature
voiced a truly happy moood.
April,1992 revised May,2004 February,2006

The Loon

A black and white vision of solitude on a lonely lake,
the loon moved silently on the still water
surrounded by the mysteries of the early morning mists.
A battered canoe glided into sight,
piloted by a human male whose appearance
likewise declared a love of wilderness and solitude.
The man’s searching eyes disclosed
a shining clarity of thought miscalled madness
for want of understanding by those who judged him so.
Society had shunned him as he had shunned
the mad cruelties and rigid intolerance
of outdated, unevolved social structures.
The loon instantly recognized a companion of spirit.
With wings outstretched in a universal sign
of respectful acknowledgment and acceptance,
he voiced his shrill, reverberating salute…
The loud, clarion call haunted the visionary atmosphere
through which the poet followed his quest.
While alarming more fearful creatures, this call
stimulated the predatory instincts in other hungry listeners.
Inspired by the amazing power of this peculiar poetry,
the human echoed the lyrical call with gratitude.
Then, in silence, the loon moved further up the lake
exploring the mysterious mists beyond—
the mists he loved and could not fear.
April,1992 revised May, 2004 February, 2006

The Rabbit

A small and insignificant wild rabbit
quietly hopped about the challenging landscape,
refusing, when he chose, to limit his free movement
by the border fences of rigid human rules.
Passing through religious and political barriers
with the ease of a ghost,
he ignored the forbidding signs
and psychological warfare
aimed at freedom-loving creatures like him.
Overcoming his natural timidity,
he charged with determined courage of conviction
up the ominous, fortified ridge of man’s intimidation.
There he took his small but spiritually significant
stand for freedom’s victory.
Upon the ridge, he rested in silent thought.
Then he saw a greater victory head.
He filled his humble heart and mind
with an all-encompassing and all-forgiving love—
even for those tiny, malicious mosquitos
and their unending invective attacks.
The lush garden lay invitingly before him
and he rushed to his reward…
April, 1992 revised May,2004

The Mouse

He considered himself most fortunate to have found
a place where he could comfortably study and analyze
the peculiar curiosities of human nature.
The room was decorated in all the cliches
of impressive psychiatric offices.
Well concealed, the tiny mouse sat quietly observing
and studiously noting minute details
of human actions and reactions to the varied stimuli
of a continuous flow of words and gestures.
People moved into, around, and out of the busy office
like scheduled storms in varying stages of intensity.
He peered into the heavily burdened caseload of patients
who came and went, some with neuroses or psychoses
diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or inventively imagined.
Taking profound interest in the intimate revelations,
he silently witnessed the mental and emotional
vivisection of troubled human lives.
He observed the cautious procedures
operating on human hearts and minds—
the patient, searching probes into memories and desires.
He recognized the danger and despair of deepest cuts—
the help and hope of healings sometimes sighted.
Despite his respect for the profession,
th little mouse wondered if all the world’s visionaries,
saints, prophets, and ‘just plain folk’
conversant with God throughout history
would be diagnosed as mentally ill,
as delusional or egomaniacs at best.
With serious amusement, he considered
how they’d probably be judged on the modern couch-altar
across from all those authoritative diplomas
of today’s Scientific Man…
April,1992 revised May, 2004 February, 2006

The Cat

Peering through a stall opening in the old barn,
the tom cat watched as human tears
fell on a sickly, dying cow.
He’d seen many a birth and death down on the farm.
With no heart for compassion himself,
he focused instead on a hunt for his favourite prey.
The timid mouse entertained his curious interest
for a few agonizing minutes of clawed vivisection
before her death.
Life here was a demanding education in survival skills,
a harsh, strenuous reality compared with his former
luxurious life-style in suburbia.
There, he was hugged and petted with countless
caresses by loving human hands.
There, he was Nature tamed, gently reassuring
and prettily packaged for proud ownership.
Constant human indulgence and flattery
made him lazy and vain, lounging in regal splendour
until he felt like engaging in feline courtship rivalries
or teasing leashed dogs or pouncing on careless squirrels.
He passed the long and dreary winters
play-hunting catnip toys or hiding yarn balls.
He was so bored with the easy life,
the yawn of tidily undramatic lawns,
the sigh of plush rugs and cozy chairs,
the routine feeding of tame conformity,
and the false pretense of independence.
He sniffed the air one summer morning
and followed his adventurous instincts
into an exhausting journey of self-exile.
Discovering vestiges of wilderness,
the farm country, and the old barn,
he traded creature comforts for deeper needs.
April,1992 revised April,2004 February, 2006

The Mating of Snails

Longing For (my digital music composition)
I’m slowly dying away
these long and lonely hours
waiting for you, Eduardo, my almost lover.
So near, and yet so far,
this snail-paced almost love affair
tortures me with tempting promises,
aching fantasies, and bittersweet betrayals.
Whenever I imagine
the unspoken slow pleasures
of our chemical bonding
and mingling energies,
I feel the barely restrained
naked aggression waiting—
waiting in some elusive
time-warped dream.
There I’m suspended in deep desire
as I grasp at slow-motion visions
of what could be.
I dream that we glow in the magic
of transforming love energy,
the catalyst of our lives.
Is this catalyst just beyond reach?
I’d prefer to watch snail races
and digital clocks
than be your collector’s hobby
or a substitute side dish.
Will we always live in a world
of anticipation
landscaped with question marks?
So near, and yet so far,
waiting for you, Eduardo, my almost lover.
February,1998 revised May, 2004