The Rabbit

A small and insignificant wild rabbit
quietly hopped about the challenging landscape,
refusing, when he chose, to limit his free movement
by the border fences of rigid human rules.
Passing through religious and political barriers
with the ease of a ghost,
he ignored the forbidding signs
and psychological warfare
aimed at freedom-loving creatures like him.
Overcoming his natural timidity,
he charged with determined courage of conviction
up the ominous, fortified ridge of man’s intimidation.
There he took his small but spiritually significant
stand for freedom’s victory.
Upon the ridge, he rested in silent thought.
Then he saw a greater victory head.
He filled his humble heart and mind
with an all-encompassing and all-forgiving love—
even for those tiny, malicious mosquitos
and their unending invective attacks.
The lush garden lay invitingly before him
and he rushed to his reward…
April, 1992 revised May,2004

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