Blue Values

They met in the tranquil blue frequency
of calming rhythmic sound and soothing light—
blue flowing over them gently like a cool breeze,
a balm for their minds and hearts
in need of inner peace.
They found each other in the world of dreams,
that magical freedom-realm of a different reality.
There, she opened her eyes feeling refreshed
from the serene solitude of quiet contemplations,
meditative-blue spiritual insights,
and trusting prayers of gratitude.
She discovered herself resting in an ethereal garden
filled with bright blue delphiniums
reaching upward with all their being to the heavens
and pale blue forget-me-nots
humbly beautifying the jewelled soil.
When he approached her in his starry astral body,
she heard the music of flutes and wind-chimes,
smelled the fragrant scent of cedars and pines,
and felt her heart grow still with wonder
seeing blue star-sapphires in his shining eyes.
An aerial kiss of electric blue energy
descended from above, touching each sparkling brow
before penetrating their welcoming hearts.
They stood entranced by this blue fire
that now burned so radiantly within them.
Here was the hope of realizing
their most valued desires and dreams—
truthfulness and trustworthiness,
honesty and honour,
loyalty and loving-kindness…
The shared memory of this vivid dream-vision
awoke them to what could be,
and each vowed to make it so…
February,1997 revised April,2004

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