An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageH is for humility, honesty, and helpfulness. Honour the inherent rights and freedoms of all others as you honour your own soul path.
Be your own hero in finding higher awareness and deeper perceptions to express the respect, dignity, and glory of your own Life in every precious moment of the only Now.
Recognize the fears that limit, attack, and destroy inner freedom, inner peace, and inner joy. Embrace and transform those fears through the en-light-en-ing power of the energy of heartfelt loving thoughts, loving words, and loving deeds. This transformative energy, this power, is real and radiant. It radiates from you and unites with the frequencies of love-energy other souls radiate; and it translates into every ‘language’ and aspect of their lives and yours. This love-energy comes from the very source of your being, which is Life Itself (God). Life works through this Energy. It is the Universal Life Force, the Creative Essence and Process within Everything.
 While the Whole is truly greater than the sum of Its parts, even the humblest part can create and contribute this Energy to expand and glorify the Whole. Thus, all Life evolves.
Be a hero. Help humanity change direction from self-destruction to a brighter future and a better world.

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