An Alphabet For Indigo Children (KL)

imageK is for kindness, kin-d-ness–a heart-mind-soul bridge that is created from knowing the kinship ( kin-ship) of all Humanity and all Beings Everywhere. God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” In the stillness of meditation is the key of Knowledge which opens the inner and outer Doors of Understanding Life and the manifestations or expressions of Life. Wisdom is knowledge and understanding of both ‘inner knowledge’ (also called ‘intuition’) and ‘outer knowledge’ (also called ‘facts’) applied in the living (experience) of your Life as part of the Whole.
L is for Love and Life which are Spiritual Synonyms (meaning different words expressing the same meaning). We learn to express Life in our Love and Love in our Life whenever we ‘remember our Spirit’ (Spirit Nature/spiritual nature). ‘Through It’ we take an Evolutionary Leap into Higher Consciousness (both asking and answering The Great Question “Who am I?”) This Higher Consciousness en-light-ens us in the  realisation of Life’s Universal Oneness (the Great Circle or Stargate of Life). Through it we dare to boldly ask questions. (All children intuitively understand the importance of asking questions.) Questions such as, “What if every atom in the Universe has Consciousness?” “What if Consciousness just expresses Itself in different degrees of awareness?” “Am I the Universe expressing Itself through even little me?” Then you see how this Higher Consciousness presents us (gifts us) with the presence—birth of a ‘joyful Awareness’ and we can ‘laugh with the Wonder of It All‘.

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