An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageN is for no-ing to what harms or limits your full expression of Life. It is for knowing that Nature is God’s evolving Creation and therefore doesn’t need anything like worship through love or fear. Nature is the ‘visible and invisible manifestation‘ of All That Which Is Life, which is ‘God creatingCreation through Itself, of which you are a part. The wise respect Nature and see it wholely as holy, seeking to understand it in their evolving awareness of unity with all, with everything. The wise choose to express their inner and outer nature and awareness of God’s Nature through Love, because it aligns in unity. God is truly omnipresent (everywhere present), omniscient (all knowing knowing Itself), and omnipotent (everpresent power) despite Humanity’s deluded demonizing of God and God’s Nature. There is no ‘Devil’ because God is All That Which Is Life. There is only God, who and which needs nothing, and God’s non-judging, non-condemning everlasting Love. Humanity heals itself through understanding its true Nature by healing its idea of the Devil as Adversary and Opposition to God, and by freeing itself from that lie Humanity told itself long ago. We free ourselves by looking at our old tales (like tails) and seeing that we created it (the intellectual body of this idea) in the earlier stages of our spiritual evolution as a creative species. The tales (tails) no longer reflect who we are and so we can just let them go with our blessings, like toys we no longer need, though they served us so well in acting out our early years of Imagination development. (They helped us in our many evolutionary leaps.) The idea of the imagined Devil never served us and did not help us grow as individuals or as a united family of Humanity. As we just let go of that individually and collectively self-destructive idea, then we are free to create and recreate, co-creating with God, through growing higher awareness within, of higher consciousness, and loving gratitude for our unity with God’s Blessed Nature.

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