An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageO is for opening the ‘doorsof your heart and your mind to the flow of Universal Divine Love-Energy in you and through you to All That Which Is Life. This Universal Love-Energy is also called ‘the Tao, the Chi, the Kundalini, the Life-Force, and the Holy Spirit‘. It is the power of Life which is activated when ‘your soul-mind-body‘ is aligned in unity through this Love-Energy. The Experience of it is ‘Heaven on Earth, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Higher Self-Realisation and Oneness with God, Christ Consciousness, Samadhi, Nirvana Bliss, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Entering the Kingdom of Heaven, and Coming Home to God.‘ This Love-Energy is the Key, the Door, the Way, the Bridge, and the Goal of Life Expressions and Life Experience. Only Love is at the very core of your soul and it frees you from any of Humanity’s self-created hells of self-destruction to the true nature of who you are, growing and evolving in self-mastery. True universal compassion is feeling Oneness and expressing it through your Life lived. True universal passion is feeling the Life-Force, the Love-Energy and expressing it through your Life lived. Only you can choose to express this Love-Energy through your Life or not. Only you can choose to be in Life’s flow of this universally transformative, catalytic Love-Energy, or not. It is like Humanity choosing to change the direction of destination (destiny) of Humanity’s self-destruction by choosing to reunite and transform the relationship of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Katurah, and all their off-spring in recognizing all as God’s Off-spring Divine Love Creations evolving towards self-mastery. You don’t need ‘signs and symbolsto show it, but Life will communicate your communion with it through you. This Love-Energy of Higher Consciousness and Higher Awareness is your universal-rightful-spiritual birthright and your universal-rightful-spiritual inheritance of Divine inner joy and peace as Spirit and All That Which Is Life. God expresses Itself as ‘The Great I Am (Life)’ and you humbly grow and evolve in increasing awareness and understanding of yourself as part of It. You become the Love-Energy.

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