An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageQ is for our ‘quiet prayers of gratitude‘ that bless and heal and empower us to understand ourselves as we explore the Mysteries of Life in the visible and invisible Universe born of The Void, the Source, the ‘No-Thing’ beyond all Manifestations of Life (All That Which Is and All That Which Is Not). It is for the quietness of inner peace- inner tranquillity- serenity within where we contemplate- meditate- communicate with the Source of our being, Life Itself, God. In quieting the mind and body, we align with our soul’s purpose of experiencing Life in the flesh and remembering our Spirit all at once, all together, ‘in the twinkling of an eye’. Going within first (the Journey Inward) we find the ‘quiet power‘ of Divine Love-Energy, the ‘fuel of our inner sun’, to make the great ‘Quantum Leaps‘ into higher consciousness, higher awareness, and higher-deeper insights as we move, change, and grow in the Journey Outward of our spiritual-mental-emotional-physical Evolution on Earth and beyond.

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