An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageS is for the Sacredness of all Life (including our God-given sexuality as offspring of God), ‘The Quest for Truth and Freedom‘, and the Happiness found in serene-Oneness-awareness having ‘found’ and ‘re-membered’ it all in our Spirit. It is the profound silence and revelations of solved and unsolved Mysteries. It stands for needless sacrifice of Life to rigid religious laws and science without conscience. It stands for the persecutions, assaults, rapes, tortures, and murders of SO many lives, like Jesus and Hypatia, who both silently testify to all of it with and in their sacrificed lives. It stands for heartfelt forgiveness which is ‘Loves Grace, and the releasing of pre-judgment, pre-judice (the betraying of the spiritual truth of oneness and inner/outer ac-know-ledg-ment of it), and the hypocrisy of ‘moral superiorityjudge-mental-ism. This Higher Consciousness heals and transforms a Judgement Day into a new, dawning Day of Unity. It’s Presence (par-ous-ia) changes a New World Order into a New World Unity of Nations truly acting in the Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom of Oneness. As new insights motivate Societies to turn away from our own ‘Species-self-destructiveness’, a New World is born. That World fearlessly blesses Life with ‘prayers of gratitude‘ (faith), and observations of ‘quantum leaps‘ in Humanity’s gradual triune Evolution.


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