An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageT is for the Truth which ‘sets us free‘ from the Superstitions Humanity (and its Angels) created in its earliest evolution’s infancy. The Truth is that God (Life) is trulyAll That Is‘ and ‘All That Is Not‘, The Boundless Great Mystery, ‘The Source‘, ‘The One Essence-Love-Energy‘, ‘The Creator‘, ‘The Creative Process-Life Itself‘, ‘The Creation‘, ‘The Creation Creating‘, or in the same understanding with different expression of ‘The Same Truth‘ being ‘The Whole, the Sum, and the Parts‘. It is the Truth that God (Life) is truly Omni-present meaning ‘All and Everywhere Present Always‘ including ‘either hidden or manifest within us‘ (our Life). It is the Truth that God (Life) is truly Omni-potent meaning ‘All and Everywhere Power(ful) Always‘ and therefore needs nothing from Humanity or Angels (or Extra-Terrestrials) ever. From the time of Humanity’s earliest attempts to understand Life (God), mythologies (stories) were first spoken-then written-then acted upon, having ‘great and terrible‘ consequences of ‘fear and conflict and battle‘, creating ‘characters’ such as ‘The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, etc, etc, etc‘ and ‘places of Fear’s Terror, Condemnation, Judgment, and Tormenting Guilt‘ such as Hades, Gehenna, Hell, etc, etc, etc. The Truth is that Humanity made it all up‘ and continues to make it all up‘ and ‘act it out‘. En-light-ened societies and civilizations don’t do this but rather speak and write and act from hearts-and minds-united by Love of Life (God) through free will choices. This Truth sets us truly free.

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