An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageU is for understanding that you are in the Universe and the Universe is in you as you are expressing and manifesting Life through you and as you. By unifying your triune nature (body-mind-soul) through remembering your Spirit, your conscious awareness becomes one with Nature’s ‘unified field’ of Universal Conciousness which is Life Itself (God).
V is for the victory of remembering your Spirit, your true loving nature, as one with and part of Universal Consciousness that pervades the visible and invisible Universe as ‘Divine Everlasting Life‘ both in-form and without-form. Heaven (Home) is within you and everywhere.
W is for the wonder and awe that grows in your heart and mind as you humbly ‘awaken to‘ and ‘wed‘ your evolving Understanding to Life’s Divine Wisdom, having united and re-united as One by the Grace of Life’s Unconditional Love. When you, of your ‘own free will‘, choose to open your heart and mind to the experience and expression of God’s ‘Ultimate Reality’ of Oneness even in the physical world, then Life is seen as a ‘wondrously joyful celebration‘. Gratitude becomes the natural response to every precious moment and every aspect of God’s wonder-filled gift of Life.

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