TV Documentary

Sugar tastes less sweet to me
seeing embittered work-slaves starve-
cutting cane for insatiable appetites
of obscene wealth and power
as rich folks feast on their own
corpses of conscience
with sweetly seductive charms
entertaining illusions of charity.
I watch the images with jaded eyes
and munch on sugared snacks,
but I see myself in the slaves and the rich
bound alike to Consequences
and feel the strangest stirring of
just anger and forgiving compassion for all
mixed like a bitter-sweet drink to the past
and present hypocrisies of Humanity
forgetful of its inherent Unity.
I’ve been and done it all, no doubt,
in many lives I’ve lived
but I know now I won’t forget
why sugar tastes less sweet.
May 18/19, 2006

To Bee Or Not To Bee

To Bee Or Not To Bee
I had supper in the screenhouse outside with Cynthia, Chelsea, and Mom. Just after we finished eating, a large bumblebee flew into the tent in the middle of our conversation about personally experiencing ‘claustrophobia’. The bee buzzed around the walls of the tent looking for a way back out. Did it feel a little ‘claustrophobic’ in there? I wondered. Someone said “Kill it!” as they evacuated for fear of being stung. I stayed, saying “No, don’t kill a bee. We need them!” In a few minutes it found its way back out, no doubt due to my coaxing directions. ha ha Then everyone re-entered the tent and sat down. I was overcome with a wave of tiredness, so excused myself for a nap. A few hours later, I awakened in a remarkable state of awareness. I was lying on my side. I felt like my head and neck were plugged into a high voltage energy source that increased in intensity and sound volume as I accepted the experience with gratitude. I can only compare the sound to the buzzing of countless bees. It was most peculiar!!! This was different from my meditation experiences of blissful ecstasy. What could it bee??? Talk about ‘getting a buzz’!!! ha ha I wonder if this is what the bees hear when they get together??? I thanked the bumblebee for its unexpected visit.
(May 3, 2006)