Turquoise Dreams

Shelley in Egypt
(Close Your Eyes and Ride the Stream-  my digital music composition)
I float in turquoise dreams…
turquoise and gold…
water and sun melting into memories
wrapped in gold and turquoise veils…
I am Osiris of the distant dawn,
dismembered and remembered…
I am Isis, divine wife and mother,
co-creator, equal, empowered…
I am Horus, the offspring of vision,
the knowing one who truly sees…
I am the golden history ship
that floats on forgotten turquois dreams…
lives mythologized in pieces…
civilizations ship-wrecked in sands…
mirages floating in hot, still air…
I bury the staff and rod,
the robes, the spices, the treasures
of gold and turquoise dreams
and wake up with a smile…
What shall I wear today???
  September 16, 2006

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