Spies Make the Worst Friends

(R U Aware-  my digital music composition)
Spies make the worst friends.
With a mind-set of suspicion
every innocent condition
is polluted by mistrust.
Poisoned thoughts and acts unjust,
judgments faulty and absurd
hide in every deed and word.
Paranoia paid by fear
hears only what it seeks to hear
and even in transparency
creates its own reality,
seeing what it seeks to see.
Ever seeking fault and blame
in desire to harm or shame,
sneaking under social graces,
armed with friendly, smiling faces,
on the hunt for rumoured lies,
friends sometimes reveal they’re spies.
Awareness is the best defence
with godly use of psychic sense.
Evolved societies don’t have spies.
They just create through loving ties.
July 2007

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