Ancient Eyes

planet earth


Ancient Eyes

We walk the Earth

again to see

life threatened here

on land and sea.

Through ancient eyes

so much is clear

with higher truths

to conquer fear.

All lands are holy

wherever we go.

All rivers are sacred

wherever they flow.

All people are

divine descent,

souls evolving,

Creator sent.

Respect for Life

meets global needs,

not harming beliefs

and killing creeds.

We, the ancients

of Earth’s long past

see Life as one,

minds free at last.

No fear of death

in power play

dictates our course

or blocks our way.

We know the truth,

now understood,

being far more

than flesh and blood.

We see the lies

of hate and greed,

seeds of thoughts,

then words and deeds.

That harvest now

grows everywhere,

warning those

who love and care.

God needs no death

nor offering,

no sacrifice,

no war to bring.

God calls to live

a better way,

World Citizens,

a Peace-crowned Day.

Through ancient eyes

the choice is clear,

live free or die

enslaved by fear.

Question nothing

or question all.

Be the door

or be the wall.

Who decides our

collective fate?

A world of love.

A world of hate.

Racist God or

Spirit of Love.

What do you seek,

here and above?

What direction

shall we all go?

(Trade partners now

were once the foe.)

Abundance shared, or,

greed’s genocide,

resource wars, and

global suicide?

Has your ‘sweet home’

become a ‘fort’?

No leader leads

without support.

What mirrors do

they hold for you,

when Earth’s great wealth

is held by few?

What profits you,

this ‘status quo’,

when death strips all

and you must go?

Is heaven just

some rich resort

or do you see

it as a court?

What would you do

for your reward,

a ticket to heaven,

a world destroyed?

God recycles.

You’ll come again.

All we’ve created

is all we’ll gain.

How shall we live?

Will ‘home sweet home’

be fort or slum

or streets to roam?

on holy ground.

See through your soul’s

human disguise.

See all life now

with ancient eyes.

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

to all around.

You are standing

to truly see

the glory of

Life’s unity!

(Shelley Wilson)

November 26, 2007


One thought on “Ancient Eyes

  1. The red letter Kind Hearts at the beginning of this poem is a link to a musical composition I created for a project I called An Alphabet For Indigo Children. If it doesn’t buffer quickly for you, I hope you’ll try Replay.


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