Some see Snow as shovels, as pains,

as loss, as accidents just waiting…

Some see Snow as fashions, as gains,

as sports, exercise, carefree playing…

Every Snowflake laughs with pure delight

at the wonder of its being.

Every Snowcrystal in its aerial flight

challenges our unseeing.

These Messengers of Divine Design

descend from birthing clouds to Earth,

Treasures scattered on sacred ground,

Miracle Jewels of angelic worth.

Quietly, humbly, cheerfully, gratefully,

Snowflakes lovingly gather to unite,


white, the uniting of every colour’s beauty.

In Oneness, Snowflakes sparkle with Light

through the clarity of their transparency,

and in their glorious starry patterns,

Life Itself declares Its unity in diversity.

January 21, 2008

shelley wilson—‘ariel-shelley’


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