Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction

Gone are my glorious feathers,

my terraced gardens, my treasures of gold…

The Neza…hual…coyo(c)tl, I was,

like the god-king Pharaohs of old…

Gone are the ‘Feathered Serpents’,

Feathered Wisdom, Divine Right…

We have outgrown these Myths of Power,

this Day of computers, distant Space flight…

I stood in a Museum, perhaps in ‘72 or ‘73,

writing ‘flower poems’ of love in my head…

Shocked, I saw my ‘Flower Poems’,

my‘Victory Songs’ of an Aztec War I read!!…

There was my ‘Book of Life’ open before me,

one chapter, the Neza…hual…coyo(c)tl, there!

My poems and stories are tracks through time.

Call it ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’, I really don’t care……….

January 26, 2008

shelley wilson—‘ariel-shelley’


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