Past and Future



Past and Future

(Imagine-  my digital music composition)


Once we lived on…

Long before Mars became a cosmic relic

of terror and ancient wars,

we lived and loved upon its soil.

Too long ago to remember…

except our pale blue skin…and

we explored the heavens then…

Earth’s half-hidden history, an aeons old

blue and white mystery…

Pale blue Kristna, royal ‘blue bloods’,

ancient gods in flying ‘vimana’,

pyramids, monoliths, sacred circles,

‘chariots’ and ‘wheels’ of ‘fire’,

guiding white ‘clouds’ by day,

‘pillars’ of light by night…

call these ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’…

Jet streams, space vehicles, satellites,

computers and instant global messaging

From deadly electromagnetic arks

to hidden microphone speakers,

“there’s nothing new under the Sun.”

Holograph angels and angels of flesh

visit Earth with patient agendas

birthing old world religions, and new world

sciences and ‘miraculous’ technologies…

Now everyone can have a ‘burning bush’,

and watch the Universe unfold,

Microcosm and Macrocosm…

We’re all Life’s spirit and evolving flesh.

Exploring and co-creating this planet,

we may yet live on others.

Perhaps even our once loved planet, Mars.

January 26, 2008



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